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Lipton cookies

Brand expansion 

Student project, my assignment was to expand a brand. I chose Lipton tea and added cookies to their brand to make a complete experience with tea and cookies.

My target audience here are family with healthy life style.


App concept - show off the winning healthy cookies made by the people.

"be a maker" is one of Lipton slogans, with this idea Lipton encourages people to make home made healthy cookies and send them the recipe to get a chance to win being at their next selling product. 

Final designs - Lipton cookies app and

Lipton cookies package.

Illustrator and after effects

Be farm

Brand experience 

Student project, my assignment was to choose an app brand which i would improve based on research of the brand and user experience. Locate the target audience and build a path which most likely will fit for their personality for the use of the app.

Target audience - young adults

mostly women.

Illustrator and after effects