Remember how to witch

Game building

Student project, building a game for more than one player from scratch, thinking of its mechanics, story line and rules. Remember how to witch is an online competitive card game based on memory. 


- A memory game that you play against another witch, using magic from 3 groups of sings.

- The gaol is to revel cards from the same group to cast damage upon the other witch but for that, the player needs to switch between sings and remember where they are on the bored. 

- Besides the regular damage the player can cast stronger spells by revealing the same sign  from the group cards or, he can cast unique spells which will help in different ways. 

Concept for media - to show a quick gameplay

Illustrator, photoshop and after effects

Japanese gods

Character design 

Student project, designing four characters from gods mythology. I chose from the Japanese gods Benzaiten, Izanami, Abisu, Inari.

Art style and references - Japanese prints and modern game cards for characters.






snakes & ladders

Game redesign 

Student project, redesigning the famous game snakes and ladders.


I chose the theme of rapunzel tangled and designed the assets according to this theme. 

Concept - Tower bored

Procreate and photoshop

Game environment

Personal project, based on a swamp

I made a 2d point and click game environment using procreate photoshop and after effects.